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Listening Therapy or Audio-Psycho-Phonology (APP) is a structured program of listening to specially designed music that is individually selected for each client. It has global effects on the brain and results in improvement in various areas such as Executive Function, Communication, Auditory Processing, Social & Emotional Function, Stress Response, Motor Coordination and Creativity. Listening therapy can be used for all ages and its effects are rapidly visible and durable. Our material comes from Germany. We are working on both bone and air conduction and programs are individually designed. To know more about the specific application, kindly contact us.


Techniques Used

Headphones are used during treatment, and it is normally done during sensory integration to obtain a multi-sensory input making it even more powerful. If possible, the client is encouraged to do movement activities during the listening therapy. These are the guidelines that we use with therapeutic listening to insure the best results possible. Speakers are used only when headphones are not tolerated. The impact is far more therapeutic with high-quality headphones. At Pulse Center, we determine what type of music is most beneficial to provide a wide variety of stimulation to the brain. As soon as possible, the client is put on a daily home program to maximize the benefits.


What changes can I expect from therapeutic listening?

As with all other treatments for the human nervous system, results will be individualized. Some changes you may expect to see can include:

  • Improved emotional state & improved self-regulation

  • Improved sleep patterns

  • Balanced eating patterns with awareness of satiation & increased awareness of thirst

  • Increased attention and awareness to sounds with a decreased sensitivity to sound

  • Decreased flight / fright response i.e. sensory defensiveness

  • Improved spatial orientation

  • Improved emotional expression i.e. verbalization of feelings

  • Improved expression of wants and needs

  • Improved social skills.



TOMATIS DEVELOPPEMENT S.A. (TDSA) is the exclusive holder of the science and knowledge of the Tomatis Method as well as several other trademarks and patents filed by Alfred Tomatis. The company was created and managed by Christian Tomatis and Thierry Gaujarengues. Nowadays, Thierry Gaujarengues runs the business and was joined in 2009 by Grégoire Tomatis, the grand-son of Dr. Alfred Tomatis and son of Christian Tomatis.

The company operates in four sectors:

  • Research

  • Professional Equipment

  • Professional training

  • Professional Licensing

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