ABA Training - February 2023

ABA Training - February 2023

ABA Training - February 2023

In Online 12-02-2023

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Training for Educators and Parents | 12 February 2023 - 26 February 2023 | Weekend Classes (Sat and Sun) 9:30am-1:30pm |
Online live sessions via Zoom | KHDA Approved

Fee: AED 900/- instead of AED 1100/- including KHDA attestation and VAT Offer until 29 January

Read Our Brochure https://tinyurl.com/ABA-brochure-2022 

REGISTER HERE https://tinyurl.com/ABA-February-2023 

Contact 056-5052685 or events@pulsecenter.ae 

Learn the essentials of Applied Behavior Analysis and its applications at schools and homes. The Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) training emphasizes how to teach skills including language and social skills to children at home and at school. The training also includes how to use behavior management techniques and strategies such as skill acquisition programs, behavior reduction strategies, and measuring, quantifying & tracking behavior. This training is KHDA accredited to enable Educators apply for jobs in UAE schools. The training enables parents looking to integrate ABA in their daily interactions with children and better understand their child's behavior. Modules covered in this training are linked to IBT coursework, and transferable to IBT training. Please contact us to learn more.