DHA accredited training for therapists

DHA accredited training for therapists

Publish In 2020-09-21

Pulse TLC conducted its first DHA accredited training on Using Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for Non-Verbal Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

The training was aimed at speech therapists, occupational therapists, ABA therapists and educators who sought to better understand the application of PECS in various settings. 

According to Shabbir Pirmohamed, Managing Director at Pulse TLC, "Our DHA accredited trainings take a broader view through providing customized healthcare professional development programs (CPDs and CMEs) for rehabilitation professionals in the UAE and the GCC region." 

"Dubai is at the forefront of inclusive education and our society is today more informed than ever of the individual needs of children of determination. These programs help us progress the vision of the UAE in becoming an inclusive society for all", he added. 

Speaking on the topic of PECS, Milind Sonawane, Senior Speech and Language Pathologist based at Ireland's St. Joseph's Foundation said, "Our initiative is to share the latest in interdisciplinary approach to managing speech disorders. Our topic today covered how using PECS for nonverbal children with ASD could prove to be immediately useful for requesting things, actions, and people."

Pulse TLC aims to provide more specialized training in the sphere of mental health, occupational therapy, speech and language pathology, and Applied Behavior Analysis through its DHA accredited trainings.