CPD Training Programs for Therapy Professionals and Educators

Pulse Center offers various sessions for rehabilitation professionals and educators to better understand the needs of children.

Some topics we cover:

  • Using Mobile Devices in Speech Therapy
  • Intervention Strategies in Speech and Communication for Non-Verbal Children with ASD
  • Understanding Sensory Integration: Neurological and Therapeutic Applications
  • Positive Behavior Strategies for Managing Challenging Behavior
  • Fundamentals of Structured Teaching
  • Essential Considerations for Inclusive Classrooms
  • Differentiated Instruction: Inclusive Strategies that Benefit Every Learner
  • Using Structured Work Systems to Foster Independence in Learners
  • Development and Implementation of Effective IEPs
  • Teaching Functional Skills to Children with ASD
  • ABA Toolbox Strategies for Educators and Parents
  • Dealing with Back-to-School Anxiety Post-COVID 19
  • Sensory or Behavior - The SPOT Roundtable


And many more topics


Please contact us on
04-395 38 48 management@pulsecenter.ae


CPD Training Programs Specialist