International Behavior Therapist (IBT) and ABA Technician (ABAT) Combined Training at Pulse TLC, Dubai

Behavior Therapists (IBTs/ABATs) provide behavioral services in a variety of settings and to a variety of clients. Most behavior therapists work with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental or other disabilities, and those who require additional support with language development, challenging behavior, daily life skills, social skills, and learning supports. Behavior therapists work typically hands-on as frontline therapists delivering behavioral services to clients or students.

Typically, behavior therapists work as part of a team of behavior analysts and other specialists supporting the behavioral and learning outcomes for clients. The behavior therapist's role is to implement behavioral supports designed and overseen by Behavior Analysts (BCBA or QBA or IBA).


What are IBT and ABAT certifications for Behavior Therapists?

The International Behavior Therapist (IBT) and the Applied Behavior Analysis Technician (ABAT) are certiļ¬cations obtained by those who routinely provide hands-on implementation of behavioral education, support and services designed by behavior analysts. These could be individuals supporting children in various settings including schools, specialized schools, therapy and rehabilitation centers, social care centers, and vocational & life skills training providers.


What is the advantage of two certification paths i.e. IBT and ABAT?

IBT and ABAT are two certifications that have gained international recognition for behavior therapists globally. At Pulse TLC, we understand that participants would like to approach the exam criteria flexibly. Therefore, with our dual ACP status with IBAO and QABA, participants have the advantage of choosing a certification path considering their own ability to fulfil the exam and competency assessment criteria.


Upon completing a 40-hour IBT and ABAT training at Pulse TLC, participants receive a certificate of completion for the coursework portion towards their certification journey. To certify with the respective board and earn the title of International Behavior Therapist or ABA Technician, participants must complete practical competency assessment tasks under the supervision of a behavior analyst (BCBA/IBA/QBA) to apply to either of the board exams.


What do I get upon completing the 40-hour IBT/ABAT coursework?

Participants receive their IBT and ABAT training completion certificates as well as a KHDA attested certificate that enables them to seek placement as behavior therapist in various settings including schools and nurseries, centers for special education, long term care and rehabilitation providers.

The IBT and ABAT certifications attest that participants have undertaken competent behavior therapist training and are ready and able to provide effective, ethical, evidence-based behavioral therapy services in homes, schools, and community settings under the supervision of a qualified and certified behavior analyst. Please note, these certifications do not replace and are not considered as a healthcare or social worker license, or an academic degree.

  • certificates of attendance for IBT and ABAT provided by Pulse Center LLC signed by our course instructor who is certified as BCBA and IBA. This training certificate counts towards your requirements to apply for IBT or ABAT exam.
  • one KHDA QR attested certificate of attendance which can be presented to schools and institutions in Dubai and the UAE.


Is Pulse TLC an Approved Coursework Provider?

Pulse TLC is an IBAO and QABA Approved Content Provider for IBT® and ABAT® Coursework.


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Pulse TLC is a KHDA and DHA approved professional training provider for specialisms in ABA, Special Education, Speech Therapy, Children's Mental Health & Psychology, and Occupational Therapy. Our enrolments see over 800 a year on professional training and CPD programs.

Who's It For?

  • Professionals in special education, psychology, social work, behavior therapy
  • Educators, Parents, Caregivers helping their children learn new skills or address undesirable or challenging behaviors.


Course Content


Eligibility to apply for IBT exam

  • be at least 18 years old.
  • have completed at least a high school level of education.
  • fully attend and participate in 40 hours of IBT training.
  • pass a criminal background check and sign supervisor agreement, client consent, and employer consent.
  • successfully demonstrate skills specified by your IBA supervisor (Candidate Skills Testing) as appropriate based on skills taught in IBT training.
  • Complete 300 hours of supervised practice with a minimum of 10 hours of supervision under an IBA.
  • 4 hours of Continuing education on ABA related topics.


Eligibility to apply for ABAT Exam

  • Must be at least 18 years old
  • Possess a high school degree
  • Must have completed 40 hours of approved ABA, ethics, autism coursework from a QABA Approved Coursework Provider.
  • 15 hours of supervised fieldwork with 1.5 hour of ABAT Competency Standards by a qualified behavior analyst
  • Recommendation from their supervisor
  • Criminal background check conducted by the QABA® Board through 3rd party (SecureTrac) or attestation letter from their employer.



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