In today’s modern society, inclusivity is regarded as a necessity and, more often, a commodity, especially in mainstream media. More than just representation in the media, individuals with Down Syndrome have become achievers in their own right and in their chosen industry.

Without a doubt, we have come a long way since the time Down Syndrome was highly-stigmatized and patronized by society. Today, countless treatments and therapies are available so that individuals with Down Syndrome can have the best quality of life and live up to their full potential. These include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy. 

Despite this, specialists are continuously looking for ways to improve the existing treatments and therapies known today...

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Inclusivity opens up a myriad of topics. From race, culture, religion, and gender, to people with disabilities, inclusion is something that needs more discourse. If people start talking about inclusion, it would be an easier world to live in. For children on the autism spectrum, inclusivity is a right they deserve to experience especially in the early stages of their life, and for these children, it all starts at home. 

Just like we need food, water, and shelter to live, humans need to experience a sense of belongingness as well. When parents of ASD children foster inclusivity at home, they also help their children feel like they belong. This will encourage them to interact more with their peers and realize that beyond their uniqueness they are as much of a child as a child can be. 


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Being a parent is not an easy task. It involves sacrifice, time, tears, and sweat. But despite this, they do not complain. Their selfless acts are a testimony of how a parent’s love can endure even the most challenging tasks.

Life is challenging for parents of special needs children. Their experience is extraordinary, compelling, and above all, inspiring. The truth is, becoming a parent of special needs children or kids with down syndrome will teach you lessons about both the positive and negative aspects of life. More than just becoming the source of strength for their children, parents of kids with special needs learn the value of resilience and being thick-skinned in a world where prejudice and stigma exist for their children. 

Let us take a look at how we can celebrate the parents o...

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Children with autism spectrum disorder or ASD are special individuals who are remarkably unique in their own ways. Their perspective on things is quite extraordinary. You’ll be surprised to see how empathetic, thoughtful, and ingenious they are despite their challenges and the stigma they face. 

Communication is a process that involves several elements including a speaker, message, channel, receiver, feedback, and at times noise. Most ASD children, however, may have developmental challenges when it comes to communication. For children with ASD, there may be an impairment in either the way they deliver a message or interpret it. Often times, this results in negative feedback or reaction...

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