Each child has the right to access education. After all, this is fundamental for their development. While it is right to say that education starts at home, there will always come the time wherein they would eventually learn in the four corners of the classroom. This right extends to children with special needs.  And for parents of neurotypical children, getting their child enrolled at school is easy. There are no extra procedures or a pile of documents to fill up. Needless to say, it goes rather differently for children with special needs. You have to go through a different process that involves an Individualized Education Plan or IEP meeting. 

Fortunately, if you live in a city like Dubai, there are laws that protect this right...

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As toddlers grow up, they develop fine motor skills that help them carry out their day to day activities.  In essence, fine motor skills occur naturally. This is what humans use to perform motor tasks, particularly with their hands. To simply put, fine motor skills are used to coordinate the movement of the small muscles in the hands for play, academics, and general activities. 

Without giving much thought to it, moving our bodies around is an amalgamation of complex and considerable amounts of skills. This means there is a lot of work involved with just walking, winking, and simply holding a pencil.  And several activities involve strength, balance, coordination, and fine motor skills...

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Whether your child’s still an adventurous nipper, an increasingly bold teen, or somewhere in between, all children have one thing in common- impulsiveness and curiosity.  As children begin to grip on the ropes of society and navigate through different stages of their lives, they become increasingly inquisitive.

However, sometimes, you may be turning the other cheek on your child’s excessive curiosity. You may not have realized it, but your child’s hyperactivity could be ADHD.

In fact, ADHD is so common in the UAE, that it’s blamed for road accidents. Psychologists imply that untreated ADHD might be the root cause of bad driving that leads to accidents in the Arab world’s second-largest economy. 

ADHD, if left untreated,  may open up a myriad of other complications such ...

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There is a lot to learn for parents taking care of a child with Down syndrome. Unlike the majority who have neurotypical babies, raising a child with special needs is a whole other experience. While every parent shares the same sentiments in taking care of a child in general,  having to bring up a child of special needs is a different story.

Parenting a child with Down syndrome is a challenge as it is, all the more so if your child is also diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. In this blog, let us examine the dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and ASD otherwise called DS-ASD

What is DS-ASD?

Down Syndrome- Autism Spectrum Disorder is a dual occurrence of two neurodevelopmental disorders. Both Down Syndrome and ASD are challenging disabilities as it is...

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