Children who have difficulties in the area of communication and speech can greatly benefit from speech and language therapy.  The Speech-language pathologist’s role is critical in ensuring that the intervention is effective and helpful for the development of the child. 

There is a correlation between language ability and academic performance, more than parents normally believe. While it is clear that reading and writing are areas that speech and language therapy can improve when it comes to academics, a dissertation mentions that the mathematical skills of children can also be influenced by it. 

In this blog, let’s explain further how Language Therapy Can Help Improve Your Child’s Skills At Mathematics.

Language And Academic Performance

In education, learning how to read and write is ...

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Each child has his or her own set of strengths and weaknesses. Similarly, they have their own unique potentials – which, if determined early, can be honed, nurtured, and developed. There are several ways to identify a child’s potential such as aptitude tests, checklists, rating scales, and psychological assessments

Today, let us delve into the reasons why a psychological assessment benefits children and how it is useful to parents and educators as well. 

What Is A Psychological Assessment?

Essentially, psychological assessments involve the process of gathering data or critical information on a child’s areas of development and growth. This can include cognitive ability (IQ testing), behavioral and emotional functioning, and academic skills, among others. 

Early childhood psychologi...

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There is a wide range of treatment plans and intervention services available to alleviate the symptoms of ASD. These are also tools to improve the quality of life of children who have autism. Every child under the autism spectrum has different degrees of symptoms as well as individual sets of challenges. This being said, there is no set treatment plan or a one-solution-fits-all therapy for ASD. 

Common treatments that are usually in the form of early intervention include occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, social skills training, and ABA or applied behavioral analysis training. Today, we are going to take a closer look at how ABA therapy can positively impact the lives of children with autism. 

What is ABA Therapy?

Simply put, ABA therapy seek...

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