There are a lot of queries and preconceived notions about matters concerning autism by the general public. Strangely enough, bizarre questions such as “Is autism contagious?”, “Is it a mental illness?”, “Is it a result of a failed abortion?” and “Does immunization cause autism?” still exists. This is part of the reason why learning centers encourage discourse as it is key to raise the public’s awareness about autism. 

The contemporary media often has a single representation of autistic individuals – a misunderstood genius disorder. While it is partly true, the lack of representation still contributes to the public’s opinion when it comes to autism. 

People often make assumptions, and it’s only right to set the record straight about what autism is...

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Autism diagnosis can be overwhelming for parents. It may also be challenging to deal with. Parents may have a difficult time coming to terms with their child’s Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD; more so if they have little to no knowledge about the condition. Parents could also struggle in search of ways for all members of the family to cope and receive support. 

The sad thing is, not everyone has access to the right guidance on the necessary steps to be taken after a child’s diagnosis. Fortunately, there are autism centers that provide information, treatment and advice, and partner with local resources for support.

In this blog, we will be talking about how the diagnosis affects siblings, parents, and the whole family.

Educating The Family 

Despite being diagnosed, your child will alw...

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Patience, persistence and practice – these are the key elements of discipline. Every parent has their own style of child-rearing. There is no one-formula-suits-all solution to disciplining a child, but there are principles that can guide parents along the way. Children naturally misbehave for many reasons – one of them is their budding curiosity as they navigate their childhood. From a baby, they learn to cry to elicit a response from their parents. The same can be told when disciplining a child-it’s all about eliciting positive behavior. 

Some parents believe that corporal punishment is the best way to discipline children, that is by inflicting physical pain as a way of discipline. However, it is not always the case...

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The experience of growing up as an only child is very different from that of someone who’s grown up with siblings. And that holds true since there is a certain dynamic between siblings that influences them as they grow up. As young children, we learn social interactions within the family, and siblings contribute to each other’s development of social dynamics. In short, the way siblings interact with each other as children, influences the way they interact with other children outside their family, such as with classmates.

It’s a different story for siblings of children with Autism. For children living with a brother or a sister with ASD, the experience is more profound, and the dynamics are more complex...

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