Children love to play and they learn plenty of things during active play. As parents, we love to see our children playing. There seems to be something special with their curiosity and how they absorb new information and imagine ideas and share these experiences with you. It also makes us proud when our children express their creativity through different activities such as painting, music and playing. 

Several of us parents fail to realize how impactful and empowering playing can be for children. Play is actually pivotal for their development. Not only does playing support empower children, but it also supports their learning, enhances their cognitive development, helps them with their social and communication skills and encourages them in their growing interests. 

One such way of integrating comprehensive learning with active play is the Da Vinci Bricks program. This form of educational activity is a world-renowned and award-winning program that successfully combines playing together with the concepts related to STEM- Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math.  

In today’s blog, let’s provide an overview of the Da Vinci Bricks Program and how it helps in developing engineers of tomorrow. 

How Does The Da Vinci Program Work?

The Da Vinci Programs works within a unique set of curricula designed to ensure that children maintain the level of enjoyment and enthusiasm while learning concepts that will develop a foundation of knowledge with the theories involved in learning the basic concepts of STEM. 

To achieve this, STEM concepts are introduced through children stories that will establish a fundamental understanding. These ideas are then applied using motorized bricks that are both fun and engaging. Through play, children are able to implement STEM theories on areas including geometry, physics, and the natural world- such as the animal kingdom, the solar system and plant life. 

Making The Most Of Learning Through Interactive Play 

By applying STEM concepts into something tangible such as with the Da Vinci Bricks, instructors are able to maximize children’s learning. Incorporating engaging activities with education ensures that learned information is retained and understood. The program aims to persuade and encourage children in their learning process- helping them excel in their academics. 

The Da Vinci Bricks program provides an opportunity for children to practice what they have learned and enhances their critical thinking. It also helps them develop confidence in their problem-solving skills. 

Da Vinci Bricks Today, Tomorrow The World

Careers within the STEM cluster are often taught using traditional methods of teaching.  STEM jobs within the next 10 years will require different skills than what is needed today. But one thing will always remain-its fundamental principles which can be learned through the Da Vinci Bricks Program. 

The comprehensive learning program not only combines the traditional methods of learning, but it also incorporates modern teaching methods, including active participation. The program helps build the foundation for children to learn more complex STEM concepts as they grow up and become not just engineers but also scientists, statisticians, physicists, and STEM educators of the future. 

Exclusively At Pulse Therapy And Learning Center

The Da Vinci Bricks program is exclusively offered at Pulse Therapy and Learning Center to children and schools in Dubai. Schools and nurseries in Dubai have taken to learning STEM in a fun and engaging manner and now incorporate them into their everyday learning and educational curricula. Learn more about the Da Vinci Bricks program on or with us at Pulse TLC. 

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