The objective of Occupational Therapy is to give specialized support for children and adults while empowering them to perform daily activities by overcoming their difficulties.

Getting your loved ones into occupational therapy in Dubai will provide them dedicated therapy sessions to help them manage their everyday lives. With occupational therapy, they’ll eventually gain the independence and confidence to carry out daily living tasks independently.

How does occupational therapy exactly help your loved ones in achieving their maximum potential? Let us discuss the different ways below:

By offering tailored therapy programs to suit individual needs

Occupational therapists closely work with your loved ones who are experiencing challenges in learning, playing and socializing, to help them ...

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Why is Speech and Language Therapy important? We communicate verbally through speech, non-verbally via facial expressions and gestures, and through writing, among many other forms of communication.  

It goes without saying that communication is very important. It allows you to express your needs and wants, and without proper communication, you won’t be able to reach understanding between individuals. Speech is one of the most essential ways to communicate. Speaking is the most direct form of communication while other non-verbal cues are visual references that reaffirm a person’s verbal communication. A person who suffers from speech difficulty faces challenges in their ability to build social relationships, and share their thoughts.

Language involves words and often writing is also an...

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