Whether your child’s still an adventurous nipper, an increasingly bold teen, or somewhere in between, all children have one thing in common- impulsiveness and curiosity.  As children begin to grip on the ropes of society and navigate through different stages of their lives, they become increasingly inquisitive.


However, sometimes, you may be turning the other cheek on your child’s excessive curiosity. You may not have realized it, but your child’s hyperactivity could be ADHD.


In fact, ADHD is so common in the UAE, that it’s blamed for road accidents. Psychologists imply that untreated ADHD might be the root cause of bad driving that leads to accidents in the Arab world’s second-largest economy. 


ADHD, if left untreated,  may open up a myriad of other complications such as adverse effects on their social and emotional development and worse, depression. This is why we have to advocate for Mental health awareness. Once there is awareness, people will start to perceive it as a health condition. 


Effective parenting, correct diagnosis, and early interventions such as occupational therapy, and ABA therapy will be helpful in their psychological, educational and behavioral wellbeing and for them to fare best in day to day life.


And of course, there are truths every parent with an ADHD child knows. As guardians and caretakers of these special children, the experience is both blissful and frustrating, both rewarding and vexing. You all have a common ground- feeling the same emotions, hearing the same advice, and enduring the same challenges.


But each experience is unique, after all, no two ADHD children are alike.  

In this special blog, we will be talking about 7 hard facts that any parent with ADHD will know, and let’s discover some life lessons that make you not just a better parent,  but a better person as well. 


You have felt guilt and frustration at one point


True story: You may have felt guilty for being selfish at one point when raising a kid with ADHD. Beyond the exhaustion and frustration, what you always wanted to do was fix your “broken” child. Secretly, you wished to wake up to a day where your kid is obedient, well-mannered and well-behaved. And you had that guilt for a long time. 

Another true story: It took time for you to realize that you had been selfish. You were guilty in the desire of removing your child’s ADHD symptoms not for his sake, but for yours. The truth hurts, but that’s the only way to learn and grow. No one becomes a perfect parent instantly- you learn and grow together with your child. 


Dealing With Other People’s Opinions Can be Daunting!


Parenting is already a challenge, but parenting an ADHD child can present an even more difficult set of hurdles right from the get-go. You know how it feels when people give you advice, and often judgment from strangers, friends, and even relatives. You can only do so much as a nod and smile through every distasteful comment and unwelcome advice towards your child with ADHD. Inside, you’ll probably be rolling your eyes in frustration. We know how it feels, we’ve all been in that situation. 


And the worst ones can come from your family


Everyone expects support from their families, but often they are the people who can hurt you the most. It may be frustrating to have to explain to each of your family what ADHD is. Some are open enough to get it, and others will not understand it, or outright won’t believe it. Educating each of your family members can be a chore. You try to advocate mental health awareness only to face disdain from others.

The bottom line is, do not let other people’s opinions invalidate your child’s diagnosis-may it be from strangers, friends, or even family.


Getting your child diagnosed was a grueling experience


You have taken the brave step in getting your child diagnosed, only to realize it is a long process of going through several forms, visiting different specialists. And going back and forth from your child’s school, his doctor, to other allied healthcare professionals. Then there are long periods of waiting, scheduling the appointment, a follow-up appointment, and finally the diagnosis. So cheers to those parents who have endured the exhausting process, and learned the value of patience along the way.


Fortunately, there are therapy and learning centers in Dubai that can ease the process of diagnosis for your child. These centers also offer several therapies that can help in your child’s development. These may include occupational therapy, sound therapy, ABA therapy and more. 


Not to mention the process of getting them an IEP


Every child of special needs has the right to an Individualized Educational Plan or IEP.  You may have experienced difficulty in looking for the right people to talk to, who to meet, and what to demand for your child’s learning- especially in an environment where you are not present. It is never a simple process. The process may be difficult but it is all worth it in the end.  Fortunately, in the UAE, the government has created a dedicated policy for the education of children of determination.


You have to learn resilience the hard way


But that’s okay, it will not only make you stronger but teach you the value of appreciation as well. Through the years, you will learn the importance of implementing positive responses in parenting your child with ADHD. When children are used to the idea of positive responses and reinforcement, that begins a shift to better behaviors that elicit such responses. For parents out there who feel frustrated, and overwhelmed with their ADHD child, know that it is normal and you are not alone.


Despite all these, you wouldn’t have your child any other way


In the end, in spite of the roller coaster ride your child has driven you into, you wouldn’t want to change them even a single bit. You love your child as who they are- with or without ADHD. You’ll realize the real meaning of loving unconditionally. They’ll show you how big your heart is and that love is all about giving.  

At Pulse Therapy and Learning Center,  we believe the ultimate truth of having a child with ADHD is simple- It’s about love. It’s what drives you, makes you resilient, and most of all realize that your kid is exactly who you ever wanted- ADHD and all.

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