As parents of young children, it’s natural to be concerned about your child’s development at all times. Most kids start verbal communication with their parents and close individuals anywhere between 18 months to two years. However, some of these young ones might experience speech delays for various reasons. However, with the help of a therapist, your kid’s speech delays can be treated right here in Dubai.


But before you connect with a speech therapist, how do you identify whether your child has a speech delay issue or not? For instance, some children may be too shy to speak, which could be misunderstood as a speech delay. In this article, we discuss three simple tips for parents to encourage their children to speak out and identify delays, if any.


Children And Speech


A child’s speech and language development are continually evolving. Speech therapists identify a child’s speech delays using age-based developmental milestones. These pointers will help you make an initial assessment of your child’s speaking abilities. If you still suspect that your child may have some speech delay, or even if you wish to work on developing the skills, you can get the professional help from speech therapists.


For your initial assessment, follow these simple steps to engage and encourage your child to verbally communicate with you.


Read To Your Child


Children are curious by nature. Around 18 months, you can let your child pick out books that he or she wants to ‘read’ or explore. Most children will have their favorite book, which they will pick out repeatedly. Multiple readings will definitely benefit your child to understand the concept of the book better. Once your child is 18 months and over, start reading to them often. When children listen to new words and the concept of stories, they will naturally pick up words and phrases along the way.


Nursery rhymes are one of the best ways to introduce your child to new words and sounds. These are quite simple and can be easily picked up by kids at an age as early as two. Nursery rhymes can encourage first words in children.


Engage Your Child In Reading


Along with reading to your child, it is important to engage him or her in a conversation. Sit with your child and the book and point to pictures while reading the story. Ask your child questions to ensure he or she responds to them with sounds. Encourage them to repeat simple words. If your child is able to interpret the story in some way and make sounds accordingly, it’s a good sign.


Sing Songs To Your Child


While toddlers do not speak fluently, they might be able to express themselves through rhymes and music. Sing simple nursery rhymes like the classic “ Twinkle, twinkle little star” and pause at the end of each line. Wait and see if your child is picking up on it to mouth or sound the next lines. If your child sings with you, then rejoice! Any verbal response is a plus when it comes to understanding their communication abilities.


When To Suspect A Speech Delay


If your child is not reaching the age-based milestones, as mentioned above, it could be an indication of a speech delay. In that case, consult with a licensed speech therapist for your kid’s speech delay in Dubai at the earliest. Remember – early intervention produces the best results.


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