The Da Vinci Bricks program is a globally renowned and award-winning learning enrichment course that focuses on the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in a fun way that best suits children’s needs.

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, parents understand the importance of giving their children the best education possible in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Teaching these concepts in its applied form while making it fun is the prime focus of the award-winning Da Vinci Bricks Program.

How does it work?

At Da Vinci Bricks, all lessons begin with theoretical explanations and stories for the child to have a deeper comprehension of STEM concepts. The sessions are made interesting by following up with model-building with the use of motorized bricks.

This learning program aims to allow children to apply what they have learned in an interactive and fun way. Playing with the model lets the children experiment and test theories of physics and geometry, and learn about the natural world (solar system, animal kingdom, plant life and much more), in a relaxed environment.

“Developing the Engineers of Tomorrow”

Da Vinci Bricks’ primary objective is to help develop children into the engineers of tomorrow. In the current education scenario, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics subjects in school are taught in a traditional format which doesn’t fulfill learning objectives as effectively as it should. The demand for them in the workplace is ever-growing. The Da Vinci Bricks program’s unique curriculum combines highly effective and creative teaching techniques that will engage the children to remain focused while learning.

The Method and Its Impact

Many studies have demonstrated that adding challenges into the learning process helps us develop our complex thinking. Thus, the Da Vinci Bricks programs help to create versatile and effective programs for children of all ages all the way up to their teenage years.

Fun and engaging activities are the most effective ways of educating children. With lessons that involve interaction, this can retain their attention and ensure their enjoyment while imparting knowledge, all at the same time.

Getting children to appreciate the value of education sows the seeds for a dedicated approach to learning. Therefore, the Da Vinci Bricks program encourages children’s active participation in the learning process which aids children to excel in their studies and persuade them to learn more.

Da Vinci Bricks specialists are trained to get children engaged with the material they’re being taught to and show how it’s relevant to the world around them. The lessons on STEM concepts explain how the concepts they learn apply to the things they see in their environment. For example, the Da Vinci Bricks program teaches children about balance, the specialists or instructors show them a scale or get them to build a seesaw, so they can see the theory in action and understand foundational physics.

By complementing theory with model-building, children apply their learning which makes them inspired about what they have discovered. Furthermore, not only do children get to deepen their understanding of STEM concepts but they are able to unleash their creativity as well.

Some of the benefits of this program are;

– Nurture creative thinking

– Boost self-confidence

– Develop algorithmic /procedural thinking

– Broaden horizons and build an understanding of physics

– Progress motor skills

Da Vinci Bricks is exclusively offered at Pulse Therapy and Learning Center to children and schools in Dubai. Schools and nurseries in Dubai have taken to learning STEM in a fun manner and now incorporate them into their everyday learning and curricula. The Da Vinci Bricks program is popular in a wide range of settings including after-school activities, children’s LEGO parties, children’s summer camps & winter camps, and more. Learn more about the Da Vinci Bricks program on or at their master franchise in Dubai

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