Treading the path of parenthood is a journey of constant learning. It is a life-changing process. From the moment of conception, rearing, the first few words, footsteps, education, up to finally letting them explore the world on their own. 

The role of a parent is central to the development of any child. This is especially accurate for parents of children with special needs. There are unique responsibilities to this kind of parenting, that can be supported through Applied Behavioral Analysis training for parents

For parents of children undergoing, ABA Therapy, proper support is important. It is essential for parents to be aware of their child’s behavior and why they act the way they do.  

An ABA Foundation training course will give parents access to the basic principles and practic...

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As a parent, you have to assess yourself on how to be resilient in taking care of your child’s special needs.  You will face several adversities and you need to push through all the walls and overcome each hurdle in facing stress, tragedies and threats, anxieties and traumas. 


You need to be strong for your child. Fortunately, resilience is an ability you can develop.  Now is the time you team up with a child psychologist and do your part at home. These are some tips you can use to help you in becoming resilient for your child.

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It’s time again for your kids to usher in a new term and slip into their freshly-pressed uniforms. The transition between vacation time and going back to school may be overwhelming for you and your child as you adjust the family into a new routine all the while juggling through your hectic work schedule and your child’s school activities. 

Being back at school may open up a lot of feelings for your children such as anxiety or nervousness. This may get in the way of their academic performance and making new friends.  Taking care of your child and helping them manage these feelings is a matter all parents should never overlook. 

 Children are fully capable of dealing with their feelings on their own, but with the right support from parents and further positive reinforcement from a ch...

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Autism is a disorder that has a spectrum. There is a great deal of variability in the manner it impacts children.   

Each child in the Spectrum is one of a kind. They have their own distinctive symptoms, challenges, and unique abilities.

The first step in understanding your child’s Autism is to distinguish it from the rest of the spectrum.  

By the end of this post, you will be able to understand Autism Spectrum on a simpler level and aid you in giving the proper Autism Treatment for your child.

Discerning The Autism Spectrum Disorders

No two children have the exact same autism profile and specific behaviors change as they develop as adults. Autism is a term used to describe the many conditions in the spectrum of autism...

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Having to raise a child is one of life’s defining moments, from the time you discover you’ll be having one to cradling your baby in your arms. In the instant that you see your infant’s eyes, the world stops and for the first time in your life, you feel truly selfless. You’d do everything for your child. 

Some parents are just a little different from others. Raising a normal child is one thing, but having to take care of your child with special needs like Down Syndrome, is a whole other experience. The truth is, it will be difficult and it takes a lot of hard work and patience but it could easily be the best thing that could happen to your life.

Brand New Eyes

For parents raising a child with Down Syndrome, it’s like seeing the world from a different perspective, with a  brand ...

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Your children will start to develop at a very young age both physically and emotionally. It is always good to keep track of how they grow and at what pace. When you pay attention to your child, you will be able to tell early on whether he or she is having any difficulty with learning languages, speech, or hearing.

As a parent, it is essential that you take your child to a pediatrician on a regular basis to make sure they receive the medical care required.

In this article, we will be explaining the various stages of development that children undergo between zero to five years of age.

First Year

In the first three months, your baby will begin to make cooing sounds, and according to their needs, these sounds change...

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All of us love to care for and coddle our children from a very young age. As mothers and fathers, you will be able to notice the slightest change in a child’s behavior. This means that if your daughter or son shows small signs of change either physical or emotional, you must act quickly and make sure that he or she gets the best treatment available.

That said, it is important to understand that children develop and grow at their own pace. Your child showing a little sign of delay doesn’t mean that he or she is experiencing any condition to be worried about.

Children learn various skills from the age range of 12 to 18 months...

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If any of your loved one suffers from a problem related to hearing, speech or eating, it is very common to feel overwhelmed.

However, it is important to understand that not all children are alike. Each child learns and grows at a different pace, and some require special attention.

In any case, If you are visiting an audiologist or a speech-language therapist for the first time, you may want to keep the following pointers in mind so that everything goes smoothly:

Things to keep in mind before seeing the therapist

Write Down Any Questions You May Want to Ask the Therapist: There may be many points which you want to discuss with your therapist, and you may end up not remembering them all. Therefore, it is best if you write down the things you want to talk to the therapist about beforehand.


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If your child has been diagnosed with a learning disability, it is not the end of the world. There is still a lot you can do to help him or her live the best life possible.

In fact, cases abound where disabled children grew up to become more successful than the supposedly able persons.

So, this post won’t be dwelling on what learning disabilities in children is. Rather, we will be sharing some little tips that can help you become a better caregiver or parents so that you can help your child to live a happy and fulfilling life. Read on:

Become An Expert 

If your child is diagnosed with a learning disability, it is essential that you get the services of an expert.

However, it is important that you take the time to learn about the particular condition that your child has been diagnosed with...

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While it is essential that special needs kids are thought using a dedicated curriculum and teaching methods, it is equally important to understand that at the core, they are like every other kid and could learn more and develop better when integrated into a mainstream education system.

School inclusion program otherwise known as inclusion classroom program is an arrangement where special needs kids are integrated into a regular education system or classroom while accommodating for their needs.

In this post, we will be examining the benefits of school inclusion program and how it can help to improve your child’s student life.

Offers Best of Both Worlds

Inclusive school program offers both special needs kids and regular kids an opportunity to learn from each other.

For the regular kids, they...

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