Why is Speech and Language Therapy important? We communicate verbally through speech, non-verbally via facial expressions and gestures, and through writing, among many other forms of communication.  

It goes without saying that communication is very important. It allows you to express your needs and wants, and without proper communication, you won’t be able to reach understanding between individuals. Speech is one of the most essential ways to communicate. Speaking is the most direct form of communication while other non-verbal cues are visual references that reaffirm a person’s verbal communication. A person who suffers from speech difficulty faces challenges in their ability to build social relationships, and share their thoughts.

Language involves words and often writing is also another good way to communicate. Being able to write and read are two of the most basic and essential forms of communication.

If your child is suffering from speech difficulties such as a voice disorder or speech issues due to an operation, they may likely need evaluation and treatment for speech and language therapy.

  1. Speech & Language Therapy provides a way to communicate.

With the help of speech and language therapists in Dubai, the people having communication, eating, drinking or swallowing disorders can look at to interact through aided communication. By utilising the best communication tools and programme, Speech and Language therapy (SLT) therapists possess knowledge in education and linguistics to cover a variety of difficulties such as learning, and hearing problems, learning disabilities, autism, and Down syndrome.

  1. The therapy also tackles on language.

Speech and Language Therapy does not only focus on improving speech, but it also includes language for those who have developmental conditions such as learning disabilities, autism and Down syndrome. For example, SLT also targets specific concepts such as comprehension, sequencing, actions, pronoun usage, categorization, grammar, etc.

  1. Speech & Language Therapy helps build social skills.  

Proper social skills (or pragmatics) are key components in building good relationships with people. If your child has a speech delay or has no functional speech, they’ll likely face challenges in socializing with their peers. As a parent, it’s also important for you to socialise with your child. With SLT, social skills can be targeted with the use of various strategies and tools. Along with these strategies, SLT will work on improving your children’s social skills.

  1. It also helps improving literacy skills.

Reading and literacy skills can greatly help in your kid’s communication. If your child knows how to spell words, then he can communicate freely. Some children have trouble reading and writing due to several factors such as learning and speech delays that can be addressed through the specific syllabus and educational approaches with SLT. SLTs work together with children, and their families to perform assessments and plan personalised therapy programmes which meet each child’s needs.

  1. The therapy enhances your child’s communication with effective methods.

SLT uses various communication means such as gestures, sign language, vocalizations, and more that will work best for your child’s learning process. These communication methods will effectively improve your child’s speech and language, also, it will be designed according to their individual needs.

Our speech and language therapy specialists at Pulse Center provides speech therapy services to children and adults with developmental, psychiatric, and other conditions that affect speech. Our team of qualified therapists works collaboratively to ensure your loved ones achieve their fullest potential.

If you have questions on how therapy can help your child attain functional communication, then head to this link on the importance of a speech and language therapy session in Dubai.

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