If any of your loved one suffers from a problem related to hearing, speech or eating, it is very common to feel overwhelmed.

However, it is important to understand that not all children are alike. Each child learns and grows at a different pace, and some require special attention.

In any case, If you are visiting an audiologist or a speech-language therapist for the first time, you may want to keep the following pointers in mind so that everything goes smoothly:

Things to keep in mind before seeing the therapist

Write Down Any Questions You May Want to Ask the Therapist: There may be many points which you want to discuss with your therapist, and you may end up not remembering them all. Therefore, it is best if you write down the things you want to talk to the therapist about beforehand.

Get Acquainted with your Therapist: Most people are always inquisitive and it is a great idea to ask lots of questions. Get acquainted with your speech therapist in Dubai, because your therapist can positively affect the well-being of your child. It is also a good idea to take someone with you i.e. your spouse or someone who may already know about the therapy.

Educate Yourself: The internet has vast resources of data on almost every medical issue known to man. It would be good if you read up on a few articles, but just remember not to let the information overwhelm you.

Prepare Answers to Questions that the Therapist May Ask: When visiting the therapist, you must disclose exactly what kind of medication your child is taking. This bit of knowledge can help the therapist determine the right course of action as some medicines may impact speech and hearing.

What to do during consultation

Ask Questions: It’s best to get comfortable around the therapist you are visiting. Ask him or her questions to understand how you can go about making it easier for your child. Also, find out the answers to the questions which you had written down earlier. It is always better to break the problem down to:

  • what the problem is
  • how can you address it
  • why is it important to address the issue

Take Notes or Record the Session for Reference: Make a note of everything that goes on in the consultation room. You may even ask the therapist if you can record the session so you can listen later. There may be some technical jargon which the layman finds hard to understand. Always ask your therapist to write down such words if you have difficulty understanding or remembering what it is so that you can look it up later.

Stay in Touch: At the end of the session, make sure to get a point of contact or for follow-up at your therapy center. Parents are an active participant in the child’s therapy plan and can help inform the therapist’s treatment plans and goals.

What to expect after the consultation

It is always good to get home and immediately review what the conversation with the speech therapist was like. Read more about the words you did not understand, and contact your speech therapist if you require a detailed explanation. If you have a loved one suffering from speech and language complications, it is very important that you see a speech language therapist for expert evaluation and guidance.

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