Most parents with non-verbal children assume that such children do not need speech and language services. To them, of what use is a speech and language therapy to a child who is non-verbal.

This assumption is wrong because augmentative and alternative communication is has been found to be very important for people (children and adults alike) with such conditions. As a matter of fact, ongoing speech and language therapy are very important for anyone with limited communication so as to help the person learn how to communicate with others.

In this article, we shall be looking at the various benefits of ongoing speech therapy for non-verbal children:

Learn A New Way To Communicate
For human beings, speech is the primary means of communication and when you can’t communicate, you are limited in many ways.

Ongoing speech therapy can help your child to learn how to communicate using aided and unaided communication means. Here at Pulse Center, our speech-language pathologist provide high tech and low tech communication devices that help nonverbal persons to communicate effectively.

There are also communication books and apps that help such children in their journey to find a voice and communication medium that works well for themselves.

Helps To Tackle Language and Learning Problems Other Than Communication
Many non-verbal kids also have learning or language conditions. So speech therapy for non-verbal children does more than helping them find a suitable means of communication.

During the sessions, our speech-language pathologists also work in understanding other learning and language challenges that your child might be facing such as reading and comprehension, sequencing, categorization, and so on.

Helps Non-verbal Kids Develop Social Skills
Children with limited speech or non-verbal conditions cannot with others in their community. This creates a huge social barrier for them, often leading to alienation and inferiority complex.

Well-Structured, ongoing speech therapy can help them to learn a new way to effectively communicate their opinions and wants, giving them confidence in the process.

Speech-language therapists use video modeling, applications, social stories, role-playing, and many other tools to improve the communication and social skills of persons with limited speech or non-verbal condition.

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