Your children will start to develop at a very young age both physically and emotionally. It is always good to keep track of how they grow and at what pace. When you pay attention to your child, you will be able to tell early on whether he or she is having any difficulty with learning languages, speech, or hearing.

As a parent, it is essential that you take your child to a pediatrician on a regular basis to make sure they receive the medical care required.

In this article, we will be explaining the various stages of development that children undergo between zero to five years of age.

First Year

In the first three months, your baby will begin to make cooing sounds, and according to their needs, these sounds change. If there is a loud noise near your child, he or she is supposed to get startled and your voice should calm the baby.

After three months and up to six, your baby should laugh and giggle a lot. At this age, the young one will be able to move their eyes in the direction of a certain sound. Also, children at this age start making babbling sounds which sounds a bit like speech. They also begin to pay attention to music.

By the time they are one year old, the child knows to play games like peek-a-boo. Your baby will start to say common words like baba and mama and responds to phrases like “no” and “come here.”

Second Year

After your child enters year two of his or her life, they will be able to point to different body parts and identify them. They will begin to say a lot of new words which they learn on a daily basis.

Another interesting learning development during this time is that they tend to put two words together to form mini sentences. The children will also be able to respond to simple and direct questions as their little minds tend to get more inquisitive.

Third Year

When your child reaches the age of three, they will be able to understand words and their opposites. Memory retention improves which means they can talk about things they no longer see in their field of vision.

An amazing phenomenon which happens at this age is that the child begins to ask the ever important question “why?”, all the while expecting an answer which makes sense.

Fourth Year

By year four, your child will respond to your call from another room. They will also tend to start saying rhyming words in amusement. Most of your friends and family will understand what your toddler is trying to say by this age.

They also begin to understand words for extended family members. They can also relate what happened to them during the day using four word sentences.

Fifth Year

In their fifth year, your child will begin to learn numbers and letters, and also memorize them. They are able to continue with a conversation and not lose track of what they were going to say. They will also understand most of what their parents and classmates say to them.

If at any stage of this development, you feel your child is lagging behind, it is always best to consult a specialist or visit an approved learning center in your city.

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